Consultations are an integral component to the beginning of every session. We will thoroughly discuss all of your options for modalities and what they will entail so you feel comfortable and have understanding every step of the way.

Some common motives for booking sessions with me have included but definitely have not been limited to:

Feeling depleted, facilitated spiritual or energetic realignment, grounding, removal of il malocchio (aka negative energy) that may be adversely affecting the individual’s life experience (misfortune), psychic and energetic spiritual guidance.

Some healing modalities which may be included (but not limited to) in a session:

Guidance into a deep meditative state for the intended purpose discussed in the consultation, energy work, tea or water divinazione, cord cutting (Italian folk method), spirit work, tarot.


“A healer, a cleanser, and a PRESENCE”

– A.Naadeau

“So grateful for all the insight and magic she shares”


“She has an amazing gift for healing”


“Magical benefits of Self Care in the hands of a beautiful healer”


“Alicia is an angel sent to the earth to care for the light inside”


“It’s so lovely being with Alicia. I’m grateful for her carefully collected knowledge. She is such a special person. Clearly magical”

– Paige

“The amount of knowledge and growth Alicia has helped me with is outstanding. So grateful”