Upcoming Online And In Person Classes

Aura 1

Increasing psychic perception: learn how to tune into what’s going on in your energetic field, as well as auric cleansing and empowerment.

Aura 2

Must have previously taken Aura 1. More techniques for developing and fine tuning psychic perception.

Circle Of Rue

A circle or gathering for empaths. This class is for individuals who know they are empaths and feel impacted, but don’t know what to do. This class aims to empower empaths by teaching techniques that will allow the empath to gain more control over their psychic space.


Learn how to read Tarot. In this series of classes you will develop an understanding and connection to the archetypes, symbols, history, and meaning of the tarot. Beginner and intermediate friendly.

Astrology Beginnings

In this series of classes you will learn how to understand cosmic patterns, symbols, and put it all together to read your own natal chart.

Guided Meditations

Online guided meditations by Alicia that you can access at any time.