Astrology is a language of patterns. This Language is a living language expressing living stories. In reading charts we see where we can grow and how we can thrive. Living Astrology provides us with an opportunity to get closer to the best version of ourselves. It allows for a broader vision, a different perspective, options, and ultimately, more holistic living. It doesn’t require belief but it does require attention. 

Each person’s birth chart is wholly unique, like a fingerprint. Most are familiar with their sun sign or sun, moon, rising signs, but without a cohesive understanding of how it all comes together in a chart or if there’s reliance on one sign alone, a treasure trove of information is reduced to a one dimensional tidbit, and life is multifaceted not one dimensional. 

Every individual’s birth chart has many moving components with at the very least 12 basic “signs”. The vision of our individual and collective stories (and our relationship to astrology) expands when we make the connection to how this language presents to us. Imagine you’re riding a bike. Think about what the experience would be like if you looked at the ground or just a few feet in front of the bike while riding it. Engaging in Living Astrology reading sessions could make the difference between staring at the ground while your moving forward to looking up at the horizon and getting a wider view of the land. 

An individual’s birth chart never changes but the sky itself does. The current changes are called the transits. Think of it like an astrological weather forecast which reflects the complex tones/current events in individual and collective stories. Other chart readings include relationships of any kind, birthday/solar return charts, relocation charts for moving, and progression charts which tune us in to how an individual has progressed through life up to current time, how they are currently vibing. 

You will need your birth month, day, year, *time* and location. If you don’t know what time you were born but there is a chance you can find it, do it. The moving wheel of a chart shifts quickly and does affect it. Knowing what time you were born to the minute is very important and really makes a difference. If you’re 100% sure that you won’t be able to discover your birthtime, there is still a way to cast a chart for a reading. It will lack the vivid components of an exact chart but by communicating with one another we can solve for the missing pieces. 

I cast or create charts utilizing software developed specifically for professional astrologists. This software is designed for optimum accuracy by utilizing the math of Johannes Keppler, the same math that Nasa still uses to this date. 

Astrology is not born from nor is it a substitute for psychotherapy, psychology, psychiatry or any form of western medicine which is familiarly known as clinical medicine; therefore, it should not be treated as such. Astrology is a much more ancient animal. I’m not the Pythia (pssst, that’s what they called the Oracle of Delphi). I have been trained in and continue to study the complex and multidimensional language of astrology. My style of working with astrology acknowledges the importance of personal accountability. No part of astrology was ever intended to be used as a band aid or as a scapegoat. We must own our authority. All are required to use their sweet common sense, reasoning, and intuitive function.