Persona & Psyche:

Growing up, I found delight playing in the ocean and in the dirt, eating mulberries until my fingers and mouth were stained magenta, and reading books in trees. Mystical and spiritual occurrences were common place in the company of some of my family members. So much so that I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. In the beginning, I didn’t really grasp that the experiences I had weren’t common amongst the majority of households. Nonetheless, out of insatiable curiosity and exhilaration, I began my study in 1998 of as many spiritual practices as I could find. For over two decades I have attended lectures, completed trainings, and received initiations in mystical modalities and paths. 25 years later (coming back full circle) I am at home in my practice of pre Roman era, indigenous Italian spirit work and healing modalities. It is my passion and life’s work to utilize these modalities as a means to facilitate nourishment of the spirit and healing in others. I am an INFP who enjoys quietude and simple pleasures such as the soft light of the setting sun, filtered through trees, beaming on my face and the feeling of stirring marinara or a broth with a big wooden spoon.



Alicia was Reiki trained and certified in 2007 and received her 2nd degree in 2009. She received ordination and certification with the ULC in 2007. She is trained in old world Italian healing modalities and spirit work, and is currently studying and practicing mediumship. While Reiki was Alicia’s entry to facilitating healing for others, her present day spiritual counsel and energy work is based in the ancient pre-Roman indigenous Italian healing practices.

She has studied astrology for 15 years with three different teachers and started reading professionally in 2015. Tarot was a subject of fascination for her since early on. She received her first deck and started study in 1998, she has also studied The Tarot with two teachers, and began reading professionally in 2012.

She has provided services for clients across the globe, led workshops, and taught both publicly and privately in the fields of yoga, animism, spiritual energy, astrology, and tarot. Alicia has written for online publications about ritual, animism, astrology, and mysticism.

Yoga & Meditation:

Alicia has a long history as a student of yoga and meditation and she taught both for 9 years. She was the resident teacher at Hostel in the Forest for some time, taught privately in Savannah GA, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, the public library, The Yoga Pagoda, Spark of Divine, privately in home for residents of Indian River County, and numerous other events and locations.