Saturn goes into The Mystic

Experiences with Saturn, historically, have not been viewed as particularly delightful. No one really enjoys being told no. Quintessentially, Saturn requires that we mature to a new level by reclaiming authority over own lives. This usually occurs as a result of, difficult choices, a good amount of elbow grease, and some growing pains.

Saturn, an iron fisted character at times, begins his journey through the mystical, watery territory of Pisces on March 7th until May 25 2025. While strong Saturnian connections in this cycle to an individual’s natal chart may give way to a case of the morbs, the meaning behind this cosmic brew isn’t difficulty or sadness for the sake of punishment. Saturn has us checking the quality of our boundaries and the foundation of what we have built for ourselves.

Pisces asks us to go beyond the boundaries of what is comfortable and known. The path may be strewn with enigmatic twists and turns. Just when you think things are solid, reality morphs yet again. Pisces is the realm of dissolution of the ego and engagement of the soul.

With Saturn in Pisces we find that doing good for the sake of doing good doesn’t really do the trick. Shirking duties by disappearing into drugs or libations or even just good old fashion avoidance, won’t lessen any difficulties but will for sure activate the shadow qualities of Pisces creating confusion and a labyrinth of the morbs .

This is not necessarily about what the mind thinks or how the heart beats. This is a time of engaging soulfully in what we create. When the soul is moved and we follow it’s lead, finally, we find solid ground on which to build upon.

Who is getting a close encounter during this journey? Well, all of us because we all have Pisces in our chart but especially those born in 1994-1996 having their first Saturn Return, and those who have Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Pisces in their natal chart.

For those enthusiasts who enjoy exploration: find where Pisces lies in your chart and there is where you will meet Saturn.

Swim soulfully.

Love, A.